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Give Your Customers What They Want – With Proven Products!

From Paper Towels to Tissue and Wiper products, we have many options available. 

Check out our range of hot drink cups and lids.

Browse Proven’s full line of Cleaning, Floor Care, and Hand Care products.

Do your part

Proven Products encourage end users to exercise standard best practices in regards to waste reduction, reusability and to recycle whenever possible. Being in the business of providing disposables does not make this easy.

However, our Paper Products do utilize a combination of virgin materials, along with post-consumer and pre-consumer waste, in order to make them a more environmentally friendly option.

The proven mission

To provide distributors and resellers a branded line of core- commodity products which they can accept as their own private brand, yet share in the volume buying power of like-minded companies throughout Canada.

Building a private brand is a huge undertaking. From the expense, to the time and resources needed, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Our experience has taught us that distributors understand the value of keeping their company’s name in front of the customer. Top of mind awareness builds years of customer loyalty. However, the cost to build and maintain a private brand doesn’t always make sense.

At Proven Products we carefully select distributors and resellers who share in our commitment to offering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. Instead of flooding the market, we have chosen to partner with those companies who chose our line and do not overcommit within geographic areas. This allows our partners to confidently sell the Proven Brand of products as their own!

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We are currently looking for distributors and resellers throughout Canada who share in our mission to provide their customers with professional Paper Products, Foodservice Disposables, Janitorial and Sanitation Products with Proven Value.

For more distribution information please contact info@provenproducts.ca.