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Floor Finish #56551

A multi-use floor finish, APE free that provides rapid coating.


Coverage per 5L – 186m/sq (2000sq/ft) to 297m/sq (3200sq/ft) depending on the porosity of the floor. Before your initial application, the floor must be stripped of any old finish, rinsed thoroughly, neutralized and allowed to dry before sealing. Rinse again to eliminate odour. Apply 1-3 thin, even coats of finish using a fresh, clean string mop. Allow 45-60 minutes between coats. Do not scrub or damp mop for at least 48 hours after final application.


Avoid the use of high alkaline products such as strippers. Do not use powdered cleaners. For regular maintenance use our Proven Neutral Lemon Cleaner. Damp mop before spray buffing. Apply additional coats of finish as required to maintain appearance.


High solids content
Harder, tougher finish
Highly resistant to detergent scrubbing, black marks and scuffing
Economical; sealing usually not necessary which reduces labour costs.

Physical Properties:

Appearance – White liquid emulsion
Odour – Acrylic
pH – 8.0 – 9.0
Total solids – 24%
Coverage – 2000 -5000 sq. ft/gallon

Made in Canada.

This product is not WHMIS Controlled.  Please keep out of reach of children. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.