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Proven Liquid Glass Cleaner 4L – 56526

Liquid Glass Cleaner cuts through tough grease, soil and soot, leaving surfaces streak free.  This Ready-To-Use formula contains synthetic surfactants, but does not contain ammonia, solvents, VOC’s or APE’s.


Spray evenly on surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a lint free cloth or paper towel. Also recommended for use with a squeegee.

Contains: Alkyl polyglucoside

Surfaces subject to direct food contact should be adequately rinsed with potable water. Avoid contamination of food in the storage and application of this product.

For Industrial, Institutional and Food Plant use only.

Made in Canada.

This product is not WHMIS Controlled.  Please keep out of reach of children. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.