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Proven Safety Acid Bowl Cleaner1L – 56531

Safety Acid Bowl Cleaner is a germicidal, organic acid formula.  This Ready-to-Use product has a high viscosity that clings to the surface for contact cleaning.


Toilet bowls – Pour 114ml (4oz) around bowl, clean thoroughly with toilet mop or brush.  Flush and rinse bowl and mop/brush.

Urinals – Pour 114ml (4oz) on to toilet mop or brush and scrub all surfaces including the drain under the trap screen.  Replace screen and flush urinal.

Other – For use on stainless steel, copper, brass, ceramic, glass, plastic, and cement: dilute 1:40, scrub and rinse thoroughly.

WHMIS Panel – Corrosive symbol

Danger – Corrosive

Precautions: Do not mix this product with any other cleaning compound such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine or caustic drain cleansers as violent reactions or toxic fumes may result.  Flush toilet bowl, urinal or drain with plenty of water before using this product in order to remove any possible residual chemicals.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing

First Aid: Contains organic acid salts.  If splashed onto skin or in eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, drink 3 to 4 glasses of milk or water. Call a physician immediately. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.