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The Definition of Durability!

Proven’s eVolv Paper Towels and Hand Towels deliver the consistent quality and overall value that your customers demand. We have condensed our line in order to deliver only the most superior paper products you require as a trusted distributor or reseller. However, we do ensure that there is a product available for any application!

Please take the time to browse through our large selection of Paper Towels and Hand Towels – designed to meet the varying needs of your diverse customer base.

If you have any questions please contact us today, we’re always available to help!

ProductProduct DescriptionCase/PackCase/Skid
eVolv Elite 2 Ply Kitchen Paper Towel 80 Sheet3024
eVolv Natural Singlefold Towel 16/250eVolv Natural Singlefold Towel 16/250400060
eVolv Elite White Singlefold Towel 16/250eVolv Elite White Singlefold Towel 16/250400060
eVolv Natural Multifold Towel 16/250eVolv Natural Multifold Towel 16/250400070
eVolv Elite White Multifold Towel 16/250eVolv Elite White Multifold Towel 16/250400070
eVolv Natural Roll Towel 205'eVolv Natural Roll Towel 205'2442
eVolv Elite White Roll Towel 205'eVolv Elite White Roll Towel 205'2442
eVolv Natural Roll Towel 800'eVolv Natural Roll Towel 800'636
eVolv Elite White Roll Towel 800'eVolv Elite White Roll Towel 800'636
eVolv Natural Roll Towel 800'eVolv Natural Roll Towel 600'12N/A
eVolv Elite White Centrepull Towel 600'eVolv Elite White Centrepull Towel 600'655